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: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 13:23

Registration Problem

Boy, I’ve finally had it with these clowns.

I had a standard business Paypal account in the US and I applied for the Webmaster Pro. and I entered my partners SS# by mistake. They declined my application noting the error, which is fine. However, they deemed it necessary to put a hold on my account. Why?; you tell me? I called them up and said it was made in error, but they said,
“Noooo. Now the account belongs to the person who’s SS# you used.” “What!!!”
I sent them in loads of ID to tell them it is my account and not my partners, but they will not accept the error on my part. So, to resolve this basic error, I have to have my partner send her details in, with ID and her SS card, and inform that she does not own the account. Only then, maybe, will they remove the hold.

All I can say is, it’s a good job my partner is around to confirm this, otherwise MY account would be lost forever.

How can they operate like this?

Also, I stopped working with eBay because they harassed me for $1.98 in outstanding fees. Problem was, they put a complete hold on my account preventing me from paying it. They would send me an email every day demanding I pay them two bucks. I was so offended by their behavior I moved to Amazon. So, because eBay tried relentlessly to get the $2 they claimed I owned them, they have no lost $50 + a month in sellers fees.


Submitted By:: Oscar Brown

Location-: Salem, MA

2 thoughts on “Registration Problem
  1. JennyPenny on

    The user agreement you check off allows them to operate anyway they please. I too moved on from paypal, I still use ebay because my clients love it =/ However now instead of checking out with paypal I use a merchant account. Anyways, glad you got out and moved on. Hope it was worth the $2 for ebay to lose a great seller such as yourself

  2. amjad mehmood kayani on

    why Pakistan is not included in the paypal account creating list of countries on, please include pakistan in the list of countries. thanks

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