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: Friday, June 1, 2012, 5:17

Refund denied – case closed

First time I’ve dealt with a return through paypal. Sent evidence of postage to them by email – didn’t receive the emails telling me they only take faxes or uploads of proof of postage.
Three days later they closed the case and refuse to reopen it, even though I have the proof of postage and proof of delivery. Now my returned goods are back with the seller and I have lost my money. No reply from the seller before during or after the complaint either to myself or paypal!

Submitted By:: Dr M Hocking

Location-: UK

3 thoughts on “Refund denied – case closed
  1. Carolyn on

    Typical paypal move. Screwing you over and not even taking the fact that you have proof into consideration. This is how they operate and this is why we need to shut them down

  2. Stacy K on

    SOunds like you are another victim of paypals scams. They don’t give you the proper way to send on the proof of delivery. Then they just close the case on you and screw you out of your product and money. This is why I refuse to use this company anymore

  3. Candy Eye on

    PayPal refuses to do any leg work. They don’t care about the seller and if they are getting cheated or not. I don’t understand why they are still in business. If you have proof that you sent the item, you should be entitled to your money. Closing your account is just poor customer service in my book. That is why I went with a real merchant account. I know i wouldn’t have to go with all their drama.

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