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admin : Monday, August 18, 2014, 14:00

I am ready for war with PayPal and eBay

I received this after inquiring about a seller not on ebay why are they waiting to refund me Aug 15 (1 day ago)

to me

Dear sandra mxxxxxx

We’ve noticed that you’ve experienced an excessive number of reversed transactions. We would like to know if we can offer any assistance to help your payments go more smoothly.

We may also conduct our own investigation to ensure that PayPal’s policies are being followed as providing false, inaccurate, or misleading information is a violation of the PayPal User Agreement. This includes any information that you have may have provided, such as:
· Personal information
· PayPal purchase information
· Requests to return an item to a seller
· Disputes, claims, chargebacks or bank returns

While PayPal offers purchase protection for cases of unauthorized use, non-receipt and items that are significantly not as described, we do not currently offer protection for buyer remorse or coverage for any other issues you may experience with your purchases.

If your account continues to have a high transaction reversal rate or we find evidence that there has been a violation in the PayPal User Agreement, your account may be limited. Pending further review, we may also suspend any outstanding and future claims on your account and we reserve the right to deny these claims.

If you require additional assistance, or have any concerns, feel free to contact us directly at

Thank you,
PayPal Protection Services Department

Copyright © ####-#### PayPal. All rights reserved.


Without prejudice; …In response to the above email received August 15 2014 and to further my conversation about said email to the manager at paypal…as well August 15 well to the supervisor at ebay August 15 2014 the day after inquiring about the 3 disputes wherein the buyer is no longer on ebay???

#1.)Yes you can help me by telling me why ebay told me to report these claims in the first place to paypal and and put all ones with no tracking into the paypal dispute till they arrive as a lot arent arriving or in bad shape and take forever to get your money back and why the sellers are no longer in business after me paying for items and my monies on hold at paypal forever… when they know the seller is long gone and why you have a dispute centre if you have no intentions of using it for these bad sellers????????????

#2)Plus out of 165 items purchased WHY is 30 disputes so far as 52 havent (so more disputes to do obviously) arrived …too many that isnt even a third of the purchased items 7 of which the seller disappeared?????? so remove them off the 30…thus far..not to mention,but will the amount of money paypal made off me for the USA Canadian exchange rate etc….ungrateful to buyers.I should be getting an EXCESSIVE BUYING email but not to worry about that anymore.

#3) Because this email was the last straw of a bad ebay experience I am quitting ebay as it is too much for me trying to get sit wait for things that dont come or wrecked or not like they are to be as advertised (that is fraud and you seem to be condoning it) or not coming at all and still have to go out and shop for if I ever get my pension money back from you hanging on to it especially when the seller is gone off ebay and didnt send it out to begin with (talk about fraud)and figuring out Chinese symbols for the sellers who seem to have several names Plus maybe tell me why the Chinese sellers put light bulbs for sale and send in a envelope and why the smash up a purse (if it wasnt already smashed )and they ship to Canada in an envelope that is too small knowing full well our shipping prices are outrageous (as do you know as one of you told me this as does ebay as they told me and two sellers told me) and why you dont hold them, the sellers and ebay accountable ?????

#4)INSTEAD of trying to intimidate the buyer for doing as he/she was told to and spending his her money through paypal who makes money on it??????

#5)I really dont get it thought you were there to help according to your “protection policy” which I have followed to the letter, even with photos.Why am I trying to tell the sellers how to do business properly, so they arent losing money for stupid mistakes. I’m not there to teach sellers ebay should be doing that ,and you ,seeings you have your “protection policy”..better still why are they even in business and on ebay..that is bad desperate it seems??

Why am i even been put through this atrocity as well??

I sent my visa your email I received as they know about all of this and they are looking into it they originally told me to do the disputes with them now I understand why.

By the looks of the complaints on line about ebay/paypal I think a class action lawsuit is needed oh and could you please tell me why you allow Canadian buyers on ebay at all as clearly they all mostly get ripped off.. 5 from my building alone?????seems ludicrous or are you making too much money off us then trying to scare us into submission giving you more of our money?? Sad.

Maybe these questions answered from you honestly, and not fraudulently ,through intimidation tactics which are so transparent ,would help us and me alot.

#7) Ps I still have disputes and will have till all these items purchased(still 52 ) are finally here if they come which some arent as I you and ebay know then I’m done with all of this too hard and too long to deal with an all around BAD you are saying because you sent me this email I’m to not bother trying to get my hard earned money back for carp or things not received please answer that one truthfully.?
I really need to know and need my money to buy coats from an actual store this time where i can see it try on for correct sizing take back if something is wrong (like wal mart hassle free return)and get my money right away without a fight and hassle and intimidating threats,which I’m told..wreaks of extortion.

One thought on “I am ready for war with PayPal and eBay
  1. alex on

    Numerous times I was defrauded with various shipments by Gearbest China until I was forced to file a police complaint at my destination againt the Chinese and now also against Paypal germany who covred up the Chinese and many othet crooks .

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