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: Friday, March 23, 2012, 12:31

reached a paypal sending limit

Hi there this is Bugsy8350 on ebay with 100% positive feedback been dealing with ebay for years with no problem .Before paypal I use to contact the seller on ebay arrange method of payment through check,money order problem.Then I hooked up with paypal thought with my debit card ,great protects buyer and seller transactions awsome.Then I reached some kind of paypal sending limit.Had merchandise I had won and had to pay for as well as protect my ebay feedback rating also.Fat chance with the paypal verification act.I gave my banking information didnit varify me.Tried the paypal credit card thing wasn’t accepted.Couldn’t even close my account because of this issue.Lucky I was able to contact the sellers and my feedback reputaion and the greatness of understanding saved my feedback rep.Which was so hard to establish.I think there should be alternate means of payment methods besides just paypal when making payments on ebay like, or barnes and noble.So the seller and customer have absoluely no hinderance between buying and selling their merchandise.Other wise paypal is charging the sellers their transaction fees while at the same time hindering the movement of merchandise because of the buyers inability to purchase the sellers item.

Submitted By:: Bugsy8350

Location-: US


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