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: Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 11:29

Pyapals buyer protection failed

Bought designer trousers from a chinese seller Dihao999 at Ioffer for a 120 USD. Payed with Paypal, assuming i was protected. Seller send 6 sizes too small. Complainted to seller, he offered 10 USD back. Raised a complaint at Paypal, lifted it to a higher level. Paypal instructed to send back the trousers with costs 42 euro or 56 USD. Total cost 176 USD. Paypal closed the case before DHL could return the trousers. Complainted again by phone, nearly impossible to get through. Calling cost, 10 USD in phone charges,but they promised to look at it again. Two days later they closed the case again. Total loss 186 USD. Paypal Buyer Protection failed completely.

Submitted By:: Adrian

Location-: Denmark


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