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admin : Friday, August 21, 2009, 9:35

Pushy Real Estate Salesman Uses PayPal

A California woman who was trying to sell her timeshare received a call from a Real Estate salesman.  The salesman told her that he wanted the listing, and asked the woman to open a PayPal account and send him a $2,500 retainer. The woman was not comfortable with the whole thing (totally understandable) and sent the company questions via’ email.  The salesman apparently did not reply to these questions…

After further investigation the Real Estate company turned out to be listed with the BBB.  However, their BBB Rating was an “F”, the worst possible rating for a company.

Even if the company was not scamming the woman, the fact that they wanted her to open a PayPal account instead of asking for a more traditional form of payment would make anyone with common sense question the situation.

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