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admin : Friday, October 25, 2013, 14:21

Don’t go anywhere near a purchase if the payment is to go through Paypal.

Hi, Just to confirm, I totally agree with whoever posted the message regarding “quick to take, slow to refund”. Our dealings with Paypal regard a transaction that I completed as a guest user rather than a Paypal account holder. Unfortunately, we had a problem with a Seller in ebay and had to return faulty goods. We were told to open a case, but it was not until several contacts that we established that as a guest user you cannot open a case against a seller – you have to call the Resolution Centre each time.

Not only was I stuck in a voice activation system for a frustrating amount of time, but the system was unable to tell me how long I would have to wait. The person I then spoke to told me that the reason my refund was not showing on my card (the day after the refund had supposedly been made) was that it takes 7 working days for a refund to be made and possibly up to 30 days. On previous phone calls dealing with the case nobody had bothered to tell us that.

When I questioned it, the agent told me the length of the wait for a refund depended on my card, implying it was a card issuer problem. I subsequently contacted my card provider directly to check this and they confirmed that it would probably take 5 – 10 working days for the Paypal payment to be processed and they laughed their heads off when we told them what Paypal had implied. Paypal is apparently known to credit card issuers and banks for its very slow system. My advice to anyone making an internet purchase is don’t go anywhere near if the payment is to go through Paypal. We are now waiting to see what happens.Otherwise the card company will be intervening.

Wish I had just gone to the card company in the first place. My whole experience of buying through ebay and dealings with Paypal has been quite distressing as the money was several hundred dollars. Never again. Not shopping on ebay until sellers start accepting credit card payments not involving Paypal.

One thought on “Don’t go anywhere near a purchase if the payment is to go through Paypal.
  1. Adzdon on

    I strongly agree with you.

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