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admin : Friday, September 27, 2013, 13:22

There is ALWAYS a problem with Paypal

I’m very tired of last-minute problems with PayPal.

This time, I went to add money to my account, which should be quick and straightforward. I needed to do so because PayPal would not properly charge my bank account for a transaction. I was surprised to be brought to a page to add more account information. If there are ANY extra requirements to use certain PayPal features, customers should be notified on day 1.

Brushing that side, I entered the required information. The website instantly brought me to the resolution screen that said my information could not be verified (the site did not attempt to verify my information) and that I needed to scan in some documents, a very arduous task since most people do not have scanners. Now I need to dig up an old bill if I have any (I pay bills online, something that an online bill-paying site like PayPal seems to have failed to grasp.) Then I have to deal with the inevitable argument that’s sure to arise because my ID does not have the same address as my current residence (I move around a lot) and PayPal’s bureaucratic system is horridly rigid.

After that, I’ll have to deal with PayPal’s extremely slow processing times, which will probably last another week. All for a simple payment I need to make today.

The main point is that PayPal’s inefficient system could have easily been overcome if I had been notified of this problem long before I was required to overcome it. But, I suppose that just further emphasizes PayPal’s disregard for its customer base.


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