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: Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 16:06

Problem Confirming Credit Card Using 4 Digit PayPal Code

I went to transfer money out of PayPal into a checking account, but could not do so because PayPal had instated a $500.00 per month limit on what I could withdraw from my account. I was told that they needed to confirm my credit card before they would lift this limit. The way PayPal was going to confirm my credit card was by making a $1.95 refundable charge to the card.

So I clicked the “Lift My Limit” link and PayPal began the process. A $1.95 charge was made to my card, and a four digit code was attached to the charge. After locating the charge and code online from my card, I went to PayPal and tried to follow the instructions that they gave for entering the code to get my refund.

However, PayPal apparently has introduced a new and improved profile to some customers, because the ones they sent me do not work.

I was instructed to click “Profile”, Click “Credit/Debit Cards” under Financial Information, Click “Link and Confirm My Card”, I guess enter the code and then “Save and Continue”.   I tried this and there was no “Link and Confirm” so I stayed in “Profile”, and clicked on the new and improved version. Then I was to click “My Money”, Then click “Link and Confirm”, again, I guess, enter the code and click “Save and Continue”. But again, there was no “Link and Confirm” anywhere.

After much searching, no help from their “help” and no way ever get to a real person on line, I finally found the “link and confirm”. I had to go to “Account Overview”, “Withdraw money”, then “tranfer money to a checking account”. When I got to that point, I found the limitation notice again, hit the “lift my limit” and found the spot to enter the 4 digit code.

Seems to me that PayPal doesn’t really want you to get your refund. Many people might have given up, figuring it was only $1.95 and I think that is what PayPal is banking on.

PS- Before all of this happened, I had changed my credit card information with PayPal. When I did this, they charged my account $1.00. I still don’t know what that charge was for, but apparently I cannot get a refund on it because no 4-digit code was attached to the charge.

Submitted By:: JB

Location: Cleveland, OH

5 thoughts on “Problem Confirming Credit Card Using 4 Digit PayPal Code
  1. William Kirkman on

    I agree with the above comment. PayPal makes it intentionally difficult to get any help. I’m convinced they are a huge scam which ebay is in on. DO NOT USE PAYPAL. Force ebay to get out of this part of business.

  2. Romeo B.Caburnay on

    I cannot pay to the paypal my using debit card

  3. Salamatu Garba on

    I cant confirm my card to send my code for refund of money withdrawan

  4. Salamatu Garba on

    cant confirm my credit card and the 4 digit codes

  5. Anonomous on

    Had the same issue, on the bottom of the webstie their is a link classic site. Please click on this.
    Then click on update my card on the right and they will ask for the 4 digit code from the statement. After doing an alert box poppped up saying I will receive my 1.95 within 24 hours

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