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: Friday, February 24, 2012, 13:01

probably too late but i’m sure a horror story in the making

I deposited 1k in my account around Christmas this year in hopes of buying my daughter a laptop. As it turned out I couldn’t use pay pal as first expected. As a long time pay pal user I didn’t think twice about keeping the money in the account however it was my first time depositing money in my pay pal account. First mistake and LAST. It baffles me to this day how pay pal can let a transaction GO THROUGH – THEN the next minute send you a email suspend your account due to suspicious activity. Now out $800.00 OUCH… I didn’t have a hard time at all contacting customer service like others did. I actually must say they have answered the phones each time I have called. With that said however, I still do not have my money back in my account and they will not give me any information as to who or where my money went. Only that they are still investigating my claim. After doing much research I am calling them tomorrow and having them close/deactivate my account until this is rectified and my money is return to me. One that happens I will probably close my account for good and change my banking account numbers etc., if not before. If this happened in my home or the bank I would have been able to call the authorities and have a report on file. After all this is THEFT and I believe over a certain amount would be considered a felony in certain states although of the amount. This transaction was NOT a ebay transaction… I don’t even know what it was… I do know it was listed as a **Online Game Benefit** and a international transaction – looks to be Chinese with the this as the myp fake of course..

I’ve looked up Online Game Benefit to no avail. Pay Pal has sent 3 emails to this address… nothing….

What a bunch of poop…. A lesson learned that’s for sure.

Well that’s my story….

Submitted By:: lynn conner

Location-: Iowa


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