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admin : Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 14:55

Pretty sure I am getting scammed

I recently had a very bad paypal experience, i sold a used bag on ebay worth $600 to a buyer from france, she ask me to contact her on hotmail but she never reply me there, she sent me some messages on ebay, and always reply me late, i am very new and i didnt even know there are so many scam on paypal and ebay, i post it to her on regular parcel, since she paid me little money on delivery, i dont wanna lose too much, now after two weeks she insist she didnt receive the bag and open dispute, i am 90% sure she is scam and wanna get her money back as well as keep the bag, i am very frustrated and lost hope on paypal, i do not think i can get money back since they always stand with buyer, and i cant offer tracking number at all, i just feel those scammer are really really bad ass

Any idea how should i do right now, the buyer said she will wait for the bag, but i think she already received it, she got over 200 credits on ebay, is that fake, or she saw i didnt post it on registered she decide to scam on me?

One thought on “Pretty sure I am getting scammed
  1. ed on

    Ebay started in 1999. where the fuck have you been? always include a tracking number so you have proof that you sent it.

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