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Fake Rosetta Stone French Software

From the editor: Even though this submission has nothing to do with PayPal or eBay, I decided to publish it because this is the second submission I have received regarding fake Rosetta Stone products being distributed- I was looking for … Continue reading

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PayPal’s Verification Policy Exposed

David Segal, a writer for the New York Times, has clarified the true reasoning behind PayPal’s “verification” procedure. There have been several complaints submitted to PPC regarding this supposed “security measure”, which is both unfair and extremely crippling to the … Continue reading

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PayPal Suspends WikiLeaks Account

Wikileaks is a website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents, while attempting to preserve the anonymity and untraceability of its contributors. Within one year of its December 2006 launch, its database had … Continue reading

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Don’t Use PayPal For Haiti Relief Donations

Once again, PayPal’s greed and lack of concern for anything other than their bottom line is exposed.  Technorati sought to find out about fees being charged by contacting several banks and processing organizations.  While other credit card processors are waving … Continue reading

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Pushy Real Estate Salesman Uses PayPal

A California woman who was trying to sell her timeshare received a call from a Real Estate salesman.  The salesman told her that he wanted the listing, and asked the woman to open a PayPal account and send him a … Continue reading

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PayPal’s Response To “Lack Of Notification Issue”

This is an update to a previous post entitled “PayPal Adds New Fees In An Underhanded Manner“.  The post explained how PayPal added fees to previously free services without notifying their account holders about the new additions. PayPal has apparently … Continue reading

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New PayPal Development- “Rolling Reserve”

Another slap in the face for sellers using PayPal.  It seems they are now holding a percentage of certain account holders sales before there is ever even a problem. According to one account holder, PayPal is not using much discretion when deciding which … Continue reading

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PayPal Adds New Fees In An Underhanded Manner

PayPal is apparently charging fees for services that were previously free.   Adding new fees is PayPal’s prerogative.  The problem is, they did not notify their account holders (or anyone else for that matter) of the change in the fee … Continue reading

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PayPal Changes Anti-Gambling Policy

According to PayPal’s updated “Acceptable Use Policy”, sending or receiving money for gaming is prohibited without PayPal’s approval.  Traditionally, using the PayPal service for gambling in any way was completely prohibited. PayPal has recently changed this policy in light of … Continue reading

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Ted’s Porch Swings

Looking for a quality porch swing? Ted’s porch swings are handmade from cypress wood, and built extra-sturdy. Each swing comes complete with all necessary hardware for a standard porch installation, as well as easy-to-follow assembling instructions (very easy to assemble). … Continue reading