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: Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 10:37

Poor packaging, broken item, no refund

I paid $500 for a black glass stove top.
The seller packed by just loafng cardboard
around the toadstool with NO packing material at all. Of course it arrived with the glass broken. It was sent to my UPS Box at the UPS STORE. I had the store employee open the box because he said he heard broken glass pieces making noise in the box as he moved it. He opened it and found no packing material just wrapped in cardboard not the original box. The employee contacted ebay as did I Communications went on for three months along with pictures of the packed toadstool and the broken toadstool. It was obviously improperly packed since the glass edges were in direct contact with thin cardboard. You can’t pack a glass product without the proper clearence between the product and the cardboard.
They would not refund my money even though it was clearly clarified as to the damage and the container of cardboard only. No refund.

Submitted By:: Kenny Holt

Location-: Duluth, Georgia

3 thoughts on “Poor packaging, broken item, no refund
  1. lilly frost on

    I bought a lamp base from a person online and paid through paypal. When it arrived broken I contacted the seller to see if we could work it out. The seller made it clear it was not his fault and he was not going to refund me. So I opened a dispute confident that I would win. I am certainly not at fault in this case. To my surprise paypal came back with their decision to rule in favor of the seller and gave no option for appeal. I will never use Paypal again.

  2. Larry on

    I bought a mirror off and paid through payapl. When i received it the mirror was broken and not packaged properly. I contact the seller and PP and pp sided with the merchant and I was out $200. PP can kiss my ass i will never use them again!

  3. JD on

    I ruled out those thieves a few months ago. It seems like there are more people scamming thru eBay and Paypal and its us honest people getting the short end of the stick every damn time. They can kiss my ass and be assured they won’t make any more quick cash off of me! I think they bank on pissing people off long enough its not even worth trying to get your money back.

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