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: Thursday, December 6, 2012, 9:49

Policies are Jacked!

I sold an item locally and used PayPal to complete the purchase. PayPal then decides to restrict my account because they said my item promotes illegal activity. For the record, the item IS legal and sold nationwide and IS legal in the state the transaction occurred. They passed judgement on the user of this legal item…it’s like saying having a hunting knife promotes illegal activity. Or because you’re a male with male anatomy, you could be a rapist. The kicker is that these items are sold on Ebay all the time and have been for a long time. I even bought my item via Ebay and used PayPal to process it. So now there’s an issue? It took 3 email attempts to their Compliance department to get something back in writing and they said they won’t process payments for these types of items anymore via Ebay…yet they’re still for sale on Ebay and PayPal is still the only payment option. My conclusion? PayPal likes to harass their patrons using inconsistent guidelines and via their Compliance Department who are clueless about what they’re harassing patrons about. Plus they lied via email saying they won’t process these items on Ebay anymore. I know for a fact they are. Hell, they took their hefty fee from me so they should just say thank you.

Submitted By:: Russ

Location-: Texas

One thought on “Policies are Jacked!
  1. Miles on

    I sold something on eBay. I shipped it to the buyer who was a scammer. Unfortunately I didn’t insure it, I only got delivery confirmation. That wasn’t good enough for PayPal and the told me I’d have to either refund the money (since I had withdrawn it) or they would close my account. Never mind the eBay account that I sold to was closed one month later for scamming and I had proof via delivery confirmation. They closed my account.

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