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: Friday, December 14, 2012, 11:39

Pending paypal funds to bank transfer

I have been with paypal for 4 months and not making much money but when i transfer funds to my bank it ALWAYS gets subjected to a up to 72 hour security check, which in my eyes is just a way for them to earn interest off my money for a bit longer which im pretty sure is against the law. I think im the only person who has a problem with this? When i telephone paypal they say this won’t always happen we do this to a random small amount of payments but it happens to me ALL the time. It is not random if it always happen! Random is me getting my money as promised without problems.
I m staring to really hate paypal and trying to find a better way to sell online.

Submitted By:: Colin K

Location-: Gainsville

2 thoughts on “Pending paypal funds to bank transfer
  1. Corina Aguire on

    Pay Pal is a rip off, and they are rude. I spoke to a supervisor who treated me like an idiot, and offered no help in resolving my complaint. They told me if I did this & that my funds would be released. I went out of my way, then come to find out I was misinformed. They are closed on Christmas Eve, because they work soooo hard.(Sarcasm) They do not care about the customer EVER only MONEY.

  2. Rosario on

    On January 23, 2013, my cousin from Miami, FL sent me a money transfer thru Paypal. I received the email notification on January 24, 2013 and set up my paypal account and followed the instructions how to withdraw the funds so it can be transferred to my Singapore Bank account, I had the horrible experiences calling their Customer Service Hotline based in KL, Malaysia because 4 agents have given me different info and all were misleading. To make matters worse, the bank transfer which should have been done on January 30, 2013 did not go thru. I demanded a manager call back to have this resolved but I was just given lip service, false promises and worse, the money can only be transferred to my bank account only after another 3-5 days!!! Paypal is such an inconsiderate company, very poir customer service from the agents answering the phones up till the managerial level who were very inefficient!!! PAYPAL sucks big time!!!

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