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admin : Monday, December 2, 2013, 13:40

Paypal’s user agreement is their license to steal

I received a $2700 payment through PayPal for a local transaction (no shipping).
I request PayPay transfer the money to my Bank, they did. I transfer the money to my checking account. A day later PayPal emails me and tells me they they have limited my account and want me to return the money. I call my bank and cut off access to my account immediately.
I call PayPal and ask why? “unusual activity” their only belligerent response. I ask the user who paid me and he said he had a $5000 reversal in his account and refused to pay them. So I guess they want the money he owes from me?
A PayPal legal department rep. calls me later to harass me and even accused me of money laundering ???. Exasperated I file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General, waste of time, they told his office a pack of lies trying to make this somehow my fault. So I sued them in small claims court for damaging my credit with false charges to my account. I won a $3000 default judgement first time in court. They appealed and sent a lawyer from St Louis MO and the got a reversal for wrong venue after 3 more times to court (I didn’t know this was legal in small claims, I didn’t expect to face lawyers either in small claims) Apparently the new user agreement states PayPal can’t be sued except in San Jose CA or Omaha NE.
Considering most PayPal claims are small amounts most people can’t pursue this. It’s nothing more than a license to steal for PayPal.


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