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admin : Saturday, August 15, 2009, 20:56

PayPal’s Response To “Lack Of Notification Issue”

This is an update to a previous post entitled “PayPal Adds New Fees In An Underhanded Manner“.  The post explained how PayPal added fees to previously free services without notifying their account holders about the new additions.

PayPal has apparently replied to the charge via’ the PayPal Blog.  Their argument is that since they took those same new fees away from premium accounts they did not feel it necessary to tell personal account holders about the change in fee structure.  They did, however, make  sure to let everyone know about the fees that were being removed from the premium accounts….  of course.

According to PayPal, removing the fees from one type of account and adding them to another is somehow supposed equalize the situation.

Read the whole story at Jared Newman’s Blog


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