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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:34

PayPal’s Oligarchy

I am a recently unemployed small time EBAY seller. (61 transactions 100% seller.) I started selling items from my collections as well as my father’s million dollar antique collection to assist finances during my unemployment. For no valid or justifiable reason, PayPal notifies me that they are now holding MY money for MY items for 21 days. None of their reasoning for doing this unnanounced applies to me. I routinely send items the next day, 100% EBAY rating, and have received ZERO negative feedback. As a result, they have circumvented my small EBAY business and caused me extreme financial hardship as this money was budgeted. Once my account is cleared, I will close my PayPal account and only receive payments directly via mail. (Checks, MO’s, certified checks, etc.) Does anyone know of other EBAY-type entities that sell items on the internet? EBAY’s overdependence on PayPal has now come to roost.

Submitted By:: Dirk Smith

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA


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