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: Friday, May 4, 2012, 11:35

PayPals new software claims I owe money

My account was frozen on Dec 19, 2011 all of a sudden. When I called to see what was going on, I was told some “new software they had just installed in their server” told them my account “shared a couple bits of information that were the same as another person who owed them a past due bill”. I was also told even though it was not my debt, my money would be held until this was settled by “whomever shared the same information as me”. I handed the phone to my wife, she was unable to gather any information on if it was her, and then to my daughter who was also told they couldn’t tell her if it was her (she never had an account to her knowledge and my wifes account had been voluntarily closed almost 12 years ago). I then told the person on the other end of the phoen this limitation could not be settled, so what were we supposed to do from here, and tehn I asked if it was illegal in CA for them to hold someone’s money hostage for a debt that wasn’t theirs. She proceeded to tell me they weren’t holding my money hostage just trying to collect a debt. “So, how much” I asked…only to be told she didn’t have a dollar amount at all! I requested that my account be closed and my money sent to my verified bank account. Since then, I have made several attempts to gain more answers, none can be given, my emails are unreturned and my money is still missing.

Submitted By:: Walt Hessner

Location-: Kansas City, MO

4 thoughts on “PayPals new software claims I owe money
  1. College_Ruled on

    How awful. The problem with paypal is that nobody regulates them. Who the heck do they answer to? I opened a merchant account and it’s been a much more pleasent experiance. No more second guessing if/when I’ll get what money is RIGHTFULLY mine. Now if only I could get my client base off of ebay completely I’d be satisfied, unfortunatly people still use ebay so I have to as well, I am glad that I dont need Paypal anymore.

  2. athomemom on

    paypal will always have some wacky reason to extort money from their users. My friend bought a house that the previous owner had had a paypal account that now was in bad standings. Well now paypal demanded that my friend paid that balance since she was linked to the address that owed money.

  3. Tabitha Rowland on

    Im tired of pp, we’re all on here to complain and reach out for help…seems as though all we get is more frustrated with these horror stories. Cant seem to find resolution with pp on here. Where can we find something similar to pp?

  4. Rebecca M. on

    The problem with PayPal that they control what is in your account. They do not need to follow any rules or regulations like other merchant companies do. So they basically do whatever they want with your money. Try to fight as much as you can, don’t give up. From hear on out use a real merchant account, one that affiants with a real bank.

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