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: Friday, January 27, 2012, 12:33

Paypal’s incompetence is driving me crazy

Paypal account is a complete mess. I changed my debit/credit card recently and now discover that Paypal is unable to cope as it only recognizes my old card number ………PATHETIC After what seems like hours I think I have now managed to cancell my old card …….but now what ?????? Do I have to re-register or what ???????? I notice you have now suddenly refused to recognise my NEW PASSWORD ………..

Do you enjoy messing people about ? because it certainly seems like it !!!!!!!!

It looks like I must forget my purchace with E-Bay !!!!! It’s just not worth the hassle with the ineffectual useless paypal…. and make my purchse from a more competent source.

Submitted By:: Brian Lundgren

Location-: Wisconsin


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