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: Friday, January 11, 2013, 10:50

PayPal’s fraud department does not investigate fraud.

As a person sending payments I have had problems with fraudulent payments on two different occasions. The first time an unauthorized payment came through I quickly learned that PayPal’s fraud department does not apparently investigate fraud. The second time, I saw the email with the fake charge and anticipating the same, I immediately called my bank to specifically disallow Paypal from taking money from my account, which is all that saved me since I went through the “fraud investigation” department again and same result. You could not even get a number to contact a real person. Contrast this with credit card companies which are largely very responsible with fraud claims.

Of course the biggest problem with Paypal given their horrible fraud record is they largely require a linked bank account. I have been able to do the first initial charge with a credit card, but then they will not let do another transaction without linking a bank account, something that I am unwilling to do given above experience. It is a total joke!

Submitted By:: Joey

Location-: Nebraska

One thought on “PayPal’s fraud department does not investigate fraud.
  1. Steven Smith on

    Yeah I agree. I tried to alert paypal of a scam website but there’s nobody to contact. The support line forwarded me to the “fraud department” and told me to email them using their poorly designed email system.

    They care not. They will not investigate this and will delete my message inevitably. It’s time to close my account.

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