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: Thursday, June 13, 2013, 14:39

Paypal’s dispute system doesn’t work

I bought a fridge freezer from an online company, paid via Paypal. Item dirty- had been used. Company agreed to collect & refund. Item collected. No refund. Complained to Paypal i.e. started a dispute / followed their “Resolution” procedure. Kept getting emails from Paypal asking me for the tracking number. I kept explaining no tracking number as seller collected item. Paypal “solved” the dispute i.e. the company won. I lost over £350.00.
(Luckily I sent copies of all docs to VISA- they took 45 days to investigate, and then gave me a full refund) (no thanks to Paypal).
I used to shop on Ebay, I used to feel Paypal offered some protection. Due to their inefficient automated email service, I have closed my account- I do not intend opening another account with them, which means Ebay have lost a very good customer.

Submitted By:: Zach

Location-: Home


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