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admin : Sunday, April 18, 2010, 15:21

PayPal’s Complicated Setup Process Causes Delays

I bought a camera on eBay last Friday. My first eBay purchase. Went to set up a PayPal account, would not let me do it. It said my bank account was already attached to a PayPal account. Called them, and figured out i had set up an account 3 years earlier i never used. This account was “permanently locked” due to it being unverified. We activated this account but it wouldn’t let me add my visa because it was attached to the new account i tried to create. So then we closed and deleted the old account and finished setting up the new one. Tried to pay for my new camera and payment would not process. Called PayPal. They say their system indicates it would be unsafe for me to use my visa on this transaction, that i will have to wait for the deposits to verify my bank account. (The visa is a debit card, which is the same thing so not for sure why the hassle) that took almost a week luckily the seller has hung with me through the process. Finally got my account verified and processed the payment, except paypal says it is going to take another 5-7 days to process the e-check. However the money has already been drafted from my account, but PayPal still shows payment as uncleared. Seller understandably wont ship until he receives payment, Already came out of my account so im not sure where my money is at. If i ever get my item and finish this, I Will NEVER use PayPal again. PayPal talks about protection, the best protection you can have is to close your PayPal account

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