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admin : Thursday, July 24, 2014, 15:58

Paypal/Ebay never again

Fraud on Ebay then Ebay and paypal prevent me reporting it to the police!

Sold a high value item on ebay, paid quickly on paypal so goods sent.
Had received a friendly e-mail on the ebay system from the buyer, who talked about the item and confirmed delivery address.

I stupidly sent to the address in this e-mail without checking that it matched paypal address.

A simple con as a week later found that I had a large negative paypal balance and an email saying the ebay account had been hacked.

I immediately contacted the police giving the delivery address and details of what had happened. Police have since told me that paypal have the case open and until they close the case and pass on the details they can do nothing about it.

Two weeks later they have decided that a theft did take place and that I am not covered by seller protection.

So over three weeks since the item sent and the house the goods sent to is long empty.

I have tried on many occasions to hurry ebay/paypal I have phoned the police on may occasions. The delay caused has without doubt made it easier for those who stole from me

I was medicaly retired a few years ago and was only selling items as I am in dire straits. I now have a large debt with a small pension my only income and am very worried that paypal will try taking what little money I have.


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