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admin : Monday, June 22, 2015, 14:20

Never using PayPal again

Ebay and Paypal are nothing more than modern day thieves. I sold a stereo on ebay for 80 bucks, in the description I stated “unit only comes with factory packaging” The buyer gets it, and demands I purchase a remote for him, I refuse. I explained the listing did not indicate that the unit came with a remote. So he complains to ebay, I explain my side of things and ebay ultimately sides with the buyer refunding both shipping charges and the original sale price. Now I am out 120 dollars (shipping), simply because the buyer did not read the listing. EBAY AND PAYPAL ARE SO SHORT SIDED IN FAVOR OF THE BUYER. ILL NEVER USE THOSE COMPANIES AGAIN, HERE’S TO CLOSING MY PAY PAL CHARGE CARD, MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND MY EBAY ACCOUNT FOR GOOD.


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