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admin : Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 14:23

PayPal is Withholding my money

Paypal is restricting me from accessing money that a seller sent me! Their policy says 21 days and its been more than twice that than. The seller confirmed they received their item, and gave me positive feedback on ebay. Their customer service sounds like a bunch of foreigners who realistically lack the access to assist my issue. These people were very kind, its just ridiculous Paypal hires customer service without giving them jurisdiction to address issues as simple as mine. RIDICULOUS!

2 thoughts on “PayPal is Withholding my money
  1. maine on

    You probably are a new seller. It’s on the terms and conditions that if you haven’t sold at least 15 items, paypal has the right to hold payments for 21 days (your using the service so have to read first and also deal with some policies) if you want to have the funds sooner then give a PROOF, UPLOAD A TRACKING NUMBER. Holding money is to AVOID CHARGEBACKS

  2. maine on

    And maybe you mean BUYER received the item because YOU are the SELLER. (just saying)

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