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: Monday, May 16, 2011, 9:16

PayPal withdrawal reversed, account limited

I withdrew funds from my PayPal account to my bank & without any prior notice PayPal reversed & canceled the transaction. Then, 4 or 5 hours later, they tagged my account “limited” all wo/ my consent or knowledge. No advance notice, just took it upon themselves to hold my money for ransom.

My PayPal account was in good standing when they did this. They say my account is “linked” to another account that owes PayPal money. Who linked these accounts togther? Paypal did, of course. This was the 1st PayPal account I have ever had, and I certainly did’nt “link” it to anything.

PayPal’s “help” is no help. Contacting them takes an act of congress. I’m sending complaints to 3 state AGs & Federal departments. I believe how they handled this was illegal if not its defiantly underhanded. I’ll never let them anywhere near my money again, & you should get your money out of their greedy little paws too.

Submitted By:: JHM

Location: mesquite texas dallas

3 thoughts on “PayPal withdrawal reversed, account limited
  1. Maris on

    Hi! I have same problem what you have!they just blocked my account. I have 150 € in my paypal account and I dnt have any idea how to get it back to my bank account:(((((

  2. YaSasha on

    Have almost the same situation recently: they put debts of my business account to my personal account and transfered all my money from personal account to PayPal to be payed to creditor of the business! Spoke to their “link accounts” department – no any luck at all – they are just saying that since I am responsible for both accounts they may use one to pay debts of anoether one!

    I do not know what to do and if there is any way to get my money back… This is theft!

  3. PaypalSucks on

    Sorry im 2 late to answer this guys l0lz…

    Ehm yea , w8 180 days you should get ya money from the gredy bitches!


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