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admin : Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 10:08

PayPal withdrawal problems

Fairly new paypal user, did a bunch of ebay buying and selling, no problems. Tried to make my first withdrawal, only £30 to pay postage on items Ive sold through ebay and been paid for – up to 72 hour hold on the withdrawal. Eh? I have linked my bank account, confirmed my address, bank account, credit card, you name it, why would there be a security check? Phone payPal and ask if there is anything I can do to expedite the process. No. Ask PayPal what will happen in the 72 hours when they already have everything confirmed and Im right here on the phne ready to answer any security questions they might ask to release my funds. No. Ask them under what circumstances they would put a *tiny* withdrawl on hold, get told

may have received a higher amont of money then usual recently

may have started selling more expnsive items

may have started to sell different items

may have made changes to my account profile

may have accessed my account form a different location

may have received a higher then usual number of charge backs refunds or claims

may have reported unauthorised activity

may have attempted to withdraw a larger than normal amount of money

may have made a large number of smaller withdrawals at the same time

None of which apply to me.

Very unhappy.

Go back on PayPal account while £20 withdrawal is pending, make another request for £20. Its in my bank account within 5 minutes – security circumvented!

Try another £20 (I need £30 for postage but am interested to see if £20 is the magic withdrawal number) another transaction pending for 72 hours. So 2 out of 3 withdrawals failed.

Phone paypal “what percentage of my withdrawals will be security checked?”, “not very much sir”, “66% seems like a lot to me”, “oh it wont be as high as that”, “It *IS* as high as that”, “thats unusual sir but it wont normally be like that in the future”, “I am not convinced, and I see on that this is a common problem, they suggest using Merchantinc instead. Because your security reviews dont actually mean anything because you arent actually doing a review, right? You are going to lose a customer.”, “Ok sir”

Call ends.

Well played PayPal you bloody idiots.


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