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: Friday, May 13, 2011, 17:53

PayPal will not refund my credit card

On Jan. 31, 2011 I made a purchase for three items for the company I work for. I recieved one of the three items that I had purchased as the other two items were on back order. I used Paypal to complete the transaction since this is the only method of payment the company (located in Canada) accepted on their website.

After realizing that the company would not be able get me the items by the time my company needed them I requested a refund, which the company promptly processed. Long story short, I have spent over 3 hours trying to get PayPal to refund the money ($36.00) back to my company’s credit card.

At first I was told that I needed to create a Paypal account to get my money which I didn’t and still don’t understand why this would be necessary to get a refund since I never created account for them to process my payment. Then they told me I needed to go back to the seller since apparently the seller has the option to post the refund back to my credit card. However, when I contacted the seller it was explained to me that this was not the case. They explained that they did not have this option, and they were sure they were doing what they were supposed to do as they had made refunds several times before. They then graciously offered to refund me via check, which I should have at the time accepted, but I didn’t think that they should have to loose money in order to refund me.

I then called Paypal back and finally got to customer service (who knows what country this is in) after being asked a million times to provide my account information (again, I don’t have an account.) I was then told that in order to get the refund I needed to set up an account. I again refused and then sat on hold waiting for a supervisor.

As I sat and waited for the supervisor, I opened up a PayPal account just to see what would happen. What happens when you set up an account is that you have to provide your banking account information and the money will be deposited back into your checking account. The problem with this is that I paid by credit card and it’s my company’s card.

So to sum it up, I was forced to jump through a million different hoops because of policies that PayPal is not upfront about.  And in the end, I still have not received the refund, because viola! they are not able to refund my credit card after sixty days.

This has been by far the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. This company is not geared toward helping their customers. They have no problem taking your money, but they have all kinds of red tape and blah blah blah to keep you from accessing it. The cherry on the top of this mess is that unless you have a PayPal account, you get to pay long distance to call them- just to be put on hold.

I will never deal with this company again, even if my work requests it. I will find a work around and deal directly with the seller. It’s scary to know that PayPal is in the business of handling peoples money, they are certainly not very good at it.

Submitted By:: Chinta J

Location: Eden Pairie, MN


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