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admin : Friday, July 17, 2009, 0:23

PayPal website is not user friendly

PayPal’s website for account holders requires a lot of research in order to figure out how to do just about anything.

First off, the feature provided for searching transactions is overly complicated and produces many irrelevant results.  Instead of having a single search field where one can insert a name, email address or some other information unique to the original transaction, PayPal requires that you go to a specific search page, then enter a search within a certain time period, and then choose a category that you want to search from.  I would much prefer a more “Google” like search, where one enters the information he has in a single field and the results are relevant to the search.  Trying to find a transaction using the PayPal search feature is slow and overly complicated.  And when I say slow, it is not just the extra pages and steps but the website is actually very slow in searching the database- even with a broadband connection the search takes a long time to complete.

Secondly, it is retarted that I had to Google information on canceling my virtual terminal feature.  I searched PayPal and came up with absoloutly nothing on how to cancel the virtual terminal feature.  I Googled it and found the correct process within 2 minutes, the information was found on a web site unrelated to PayPal.

I personally feel that PayPal wants to give me the run-around in order to keep charging me for things that I cannot figure out how to disable.  A complicated web site equals more collected fees mainly due to procrastination (because one cannot figure out how to navigate the website) and demands too much research and time.

There has got to be a better way, I hate PayPal.  If anyone has a simpler alternative PLEASE, tell me!

Submitted by J. Jackson Florida

One thought on “PayPal website is not user friendly
  1. susan tucker on

    I need to talk to someone in person. NO phone no is listed anywhere
    I am t

    so frustrated NOTHING I do works. good grief

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