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admin : Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 0:50

PayPal Website Delay’s Buyers Payment

I was making my first sale on e-bay with the cost of the item at $600. A Dr. W. contacted me by e-mail saying he made payment for the item via pay-pal and to ship the item immediately. After no payment showed up in my pay-pal account, I notified the buyer and informed him that the item wouldn’t be shipped until the payment was confirmed.

After several days of him insisting the payment was made but still not showing up in my account, I contacted pay-pal via telephone and explained the situation. Pay-pal got back to me the next day stating this person didn’t even have a pay-pal account and that this was a scam to get me to send the camera equipment without receiving the funds. So I sent the buyer a very nasty e-mail telling him where he could go.

Then, about three weeks later, I received an e-mail from pay-pal saying $600 would be available once I proved the items were sent to the  buyer. The bill had actually been paid just as the buyer had stated, it was really an issue on pay-pal’s end which delayed the buyers payment! So I sent pay-pal a message explaining what they had done and that they needed to send a letter of apology to the buyer, but i never received a reply.

After this, I canceled my pay-pay account.

Submitted By Pasquinel

One thought on “PayPal Website Delay’s Buyers Payment
  1. Christina X on

    PayPal customers service is by far the worse out their! It does it faze me the fact that when it comes from them doing a mistake, they want to ignore you, but when it comes to when you do a mistake they are quick in judging and charging whatever they can get!!. Thank God that they is other alternatives were you don’t have to go threw this embarrassment! If you do decided to go back there is this great website called Good Luck!

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