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: Monday, February 20, 2012, 14:19

Paypal wants me to pay taxes on things I bought and paid taxes for

Well, Paypal froze my account that had 20,000 in it. This was back in Oct 2011. After contacting the better business in Cali and in AZ and contacting our state senator and many other people. My account was unfrozen and i took that money out within 2 min. Here it is Feb and i get a letter from Paypal stating they contacted the IRS and reported that i made a lot of money and Paypal is sending me tax forms both mail and email. How the F*** can paypal do such a thing? Not to mention all items i sell on ebay are items that i bought in department store and i paid taxes on them Just to turn around and resell them online for the exact amount that i paid for the items in the store. Also, i have to pay and fee to list an item and a fee when the item sells. I dont see the IRS standing out in front of peoples yards when someone is having a damn yard sale waiting to collect taxes. Most items i sell are from Yard sales or department stores. All im doing is making my money back. Makes no sense at all. Im not paying taxes on items that i paid taxes on. Thanks god i have saved every single receipt over the past year. They want to Tax me for making 46,000 in one year online. I added up my receipts and it totals 43,000 . Screw you Paypal and burn in hell!

Submitted By:: Norman

Location-: Rockies


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