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: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 9:50

Paypal wants me to pay double for an item I SOLD!

Paypal have for the second time unfairly taken funds out of my account. This most recent incident was due to a parcel that I posted arrived late, which meant that the buyer opened up a dispute. I lost the postal receipt and wasn’t able to prove that I sent the item. In the meantime the item has arrived and the buyer confirmed this by sending me a message via Ebay. Paypal however tell me that they don’t accept ebay messages as proof and they won’t refund me to the total of £24.00 until the buyer confirms such.

The buyer now decides he wants to return the item; I can’t refund the buyer until Paypal refund me. I can not afford to upload £48.00 to my payapl account. I am so angry that sellers get treated this way. Paypal has not offered any other solution than me having to pay £48.00 for an item I SOLD. I sold the item because I needed money so it is kind of ironic paypal is asking me to pay double for the item.

Submitted By:: Liam

Location-: UK

One thought on “Paypal wants me to pay double for an item I SOLD!
  1. Lana Kiel on

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this exact thing happened to me and I have not been able to use my paypal account since because I REFUSE to pay them for an item I sold. Like any normal person would. Paypal was asking me to refund a buyer the purchase price of $65 because the buyer wanted to return the item. This is where the irony kicks in. Paypal had all ready refunded the buyer once, $65 because the buyer claimed they NEVER got the item and won that dispute because I mistakenly shipped without tracking. Now they are asking me to refund AGAIN for a return for an item never received. You can’t make this shit up. It is absolutely insane what goes on over at paypal.

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