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: Thursday, May 16, 2013, 13:51

PayPal Unfairly took my money!

I sold a brand new item on ebay for $85 (which cost me just over $30 to ship; combine that with the auction & paypal fees & I actually received about half). Anyway, six weeks later I see the customer has challenged the charge with paypal under the guise of “item not as described” (which was false).
I thought it would be an open and shut case since I have a 14 day return policy (for any reason whatsoever) and the pictures of the brand-new sealed-box item were clearly displayed in the ad (not stock photos) plus the customer (with less than 10 feedback) never even got in contact with me. Keep in mind; I have hundreds of 100% positive feedback. Despite these facts, the customer was issued a full refund and I not only got screwed on the front end of the transaction (which admittedly, I volunteered for) but was also charged heafty fees for paypal to issue a refund to the liar.
What I believe actually happened was the customer used the item, maybe broke it or some other such thing and decided to file a case. But the fact that PayPal couldn’t sleuth the truth for an honest seller leaves me livid.
I am DONE with paypal and possibly ebay as well!
Thanks for letting me vent.

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