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admin : Sunday, May 23, 2010, 13:23

PayPal Taking Unauthorized Bank Drafts

Back about 4 months ago, I received an email from paypal saying that they took $78.00 out of my bank account by e-check. A month before that they took $300.00 out. Then the month before that they took $30.00 out. When I questioned PayPal about this, they said it was for eBay selling fees, even though I have never ever sold a single thing on eBay in my life. When I filed a complaint against paypal with my bank and with the BBB, Paypal actually told them that I had authorized the charges when I did no such thing. Paypal also put unauthorized charges on my ebay mastercard and is saying that I owe all this money when I never even made any purchaces with this card. I don’t buy stuff on ebay and have never ever used the card to make any purchace at any shop anywhere. When I filed a disbute, Paypal refused to take the charges off the ebay mastercard and told me that i’m still responsible for them. I went to my bank, and paid to put a block on them, so they can’t take anymore money out of my bank account. It is well worth it. Atleast I don’t have to worry about them taking anymore money from me.

Submitted By Andrea Sokol


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