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: Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 10:59

Paypal trying to require me to get verified

I have had a Paypal account for about 7 years now. I use it pay for many online purchases. However, after years of being a good customer they are telling me I am approaching the $10,000 limit and willno longer be able to send money via Paypal unless I get verified (which requres that I either give them my bank account info or take out a credit card with them).

I do not want to do either, and resent Paypal’s attempts to force me to do something I do not want to do. They say it is for security reasons, but security has not been a problem for the last 7 years so that reasoning is bogus. Paypal is simply trying to bully me into doing something. I refuse and will go without Paypal before I comply with their wishes.

I called their customer service department and was told the representative could not do anything. I asked to speak with her supervisor who told me the same thing – they said they could do nothing and that I would have to get verified. When I asked the supervisor who did have authority to change this policy (even if only in my case), I was told no such person was available to me.

As a marketing professor at Cornell University, I teach my students the importance of customer service. Paypal needs that lesson. I know my account is too small to hurt them, but perhaps I can convince a lot of students not to do business with them. I will certainly complain about their poor treatment of a good customer every chance I get. -Mike Lynn

Submitted By:: Mike Lynn

Location: Ithaca, NY USA

22 thoughts on “Paypal trying to require me to get verified
  1. Hugo on

    My wife and I have the same situation. We’ve been customers for 5 years and now this. Paypal sucks!

  2. Vladimir on

    I’ve been a customer since 2000, on May 11 2011 paypal refused to send a payment for an item bought on ebay until I get verified (meaning until I give them my bank account details).
    Sorry, but there’s no way I’m doing that. I guess the upside is that I will buy less crap on eBay.

  3. Allan on

    I agree this having to link my checking account to paypal after years and no problem makes no sense. I have had my credit card linked for years and use it but now have to get a paypal credit card or link my checking. I think a class action suit is in order here. I think that the real deal is forcing a percentage to take their credit card. I believe this is a fraud on paypal users. Got no use for your service you slime balls

  4. Sal on

    What is this account verification I use green dot add money to my account and I make my purchase so now I have to account verify and the manager did not care. This is a bad company I am in on a class action.

  5. Sue on

    Yesterday PAYPAL requested me to verify my information since I too have now approached their $10,000 magical limit after 8+ yrs. which makes no sense. Their reasoning offers me no protection whatsoever. They are only protecting themselves by attempting to gain access to my personal bank account. I think they must be doing this because of too many disputes filed by people. A credit card company will stand behind their customer’s online purchase should a problem ever come up; however, with a debit card you are your own peril as banks do NOT stand behind any disputes on a debit card transaction–they make you do all the work to prove you are right if you have been wronged, but in the meantime you do not have any access to your own money at the bank keeps a “hold” on those funds. Obviously EBAY and PAYPAL are going to be losing a lot of long time faithful customers. PAYPAL will NEVER get my personal banking information, and people who do succumb are just plain foolish to do so. I have heard about way too many security breaches at PAYPAL and personally know of someone who had their PAYPAL account hacked into and their bank account wiped clean.

  6. Judith espinoza on

    I have been buying items without problem with my credit card and Paypal.
    They refuse to let me buy items without becoming verified. No way do I
    want them mucking about with my bank account and I certainly don’t need
    another credit card. So I have not bought anything on ebay. Is this
    verification thing legal? I think it smells of bad business.

  7. Mr. D on

    I agree completely.

    I’ve been using PayPal ever since I became an eBay user, which means I’ve been using PayPal for almost a decade. In all this time, I’ve never encountered this limit before. I even checked my transaction record with PayPal and, according to them, I’ve only spent about $1000 this year so far, so why did I get a notice saying I’m about to reach a $10,000 limit? Is this limit not just an annual basis limit?

    This is honestly frustrating as hell. Anyone who uses PayPal knows the company is normally frustrating to deal with anyway, but this is yet another annoyance and one you can’t just ignore as before. As far as I can see, the only way to get verified is to add a bank account or to get a credit card with them?

    Considering PayPal’s notorious PR with bank accounts, that’s an instant ‘no’. And the idea of applying for a PayPal CC to help make them profit when they constantly treat me like this is even more laughable.

    Really, PayPal is easily the worst company I deal with and I would be more than happy to drop them, but the issue is that the vast majority of eBay sellers use PayPal as a primary pay source. Very few uses Google Checkout or an alternative payment service. Before now, I had thought I would be stuck using PayPal, but it seems the company is now hell-bent on kicking me out.

    If that’s the way they want it, that’s fine. I’ll find some way to work around this issue or maybe I’ll finally be forced to stop using eBay after almost a decade of being a paying customer.

    Regardless of what will happen, I know one thing: PayPal is neither getting my bank account information or my application for their CC.

  8. Vicki schwager on

    Pay pal get verified experience. I was notified that i needed to get verified to continue purchasing. Two options, their cc or link to bank. I called and was told i could open another account with different name and email. Did that…but used the same cc. Went throuth the motions charged the fee, gave code to get it back was given the go ahead to use pay pal. Tried to pay for pending ebay purchase. Message… Need to get verified. This new account with no charges and no history had exceeded the $2000 limit.
    I found out the reason. I used the same cc on both accounts. With a history of successful transactions, no problems with my cc. ( I called my cc company to ve sure). I needed a pay pal charge card to continue or bank account link to continue. Also i had to use the card at least once to be verified.
    Oh, that was once a year. So i asked when during the year i needed to use the cc because supposedly with their card, you could then use another (haven’t tested this because I don’t need a new cc).
    They didn’t seem to have an answer to that one, and suggested i call their cc company a GE company. I did and spoke to a supervisor who told me she had no idea, that they were the financial provider and rules were set by pay pal.

    The initial reason i was given by a pay pal supervisor for needing to be verified was because of money laundering rules. I had exceeded my $10,000 spending limit. I asked about that, because i have not spend that much. I was told i had been a pay pal customer for 10 years. In looking up the money laundering info, it seems to apply to transactions more in the day or week range.
    Problems seems to ve an easy ong Greed! They want to make money on what i spend.
    Unfortunatly pay pal has a virtual monopoly on sellers in the niche I.

    I did contact an online attorney, but i was told that it was a private company and they could do what they wanted. There may be some misrepresentation in their “reasons” for verification, but i have not explored that.

  9. Anonymous on

    After five years and only small Ebay transactions via Paypal, they have been requesting to receive a copy of my passport, utility bill. They have also asked to to change my security questions. I have done this and provided the documents they requested only because there are a few Ebay purchases I need to pay for and am being chased for (I don’t use cheques and postal orders seem too risky). Anyway, after the whole rigmarole of giving them these documents, they have CLOSED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON!!! They say it’s for their own security! I can’t believe they made me go through all of this for nothing!! Luckily when I sent them my passport copy, my passport number was not visible – god knows what they could have done with my passport, bank details and address details!

    I really don’t know what to do next……there’s nowhere I can go and complain or anybody at Paypal I can talk to!!! If anyone can help me, i’d be really grateful – feeling very uneasy about this whole situation.

  10. Sam on

    I encourage people to file a complaint with FTC about this. The same thing is happening to us. They already have charge card information but in order to lift their “limit” you have to give them more financial information or apply for one of the “free” PayPal credit cards, if you look at the fine print you will see those credit cards are not free. There is no reason they need more than one bank account, its an invasion of privacy. People, file FTC complaints to get this practice stopped.

  11. Connie on

    It would be a good idea to let eBay know that their endorsement of PayPal and its bullying tactics is going to cost both of them. How much business are both willing to lose over this? Complain…complain…complain…to both! Fill their customer service coffers with the obvious – they are supposed to be there for the customer if they want to make a profit! Or did they think that either of them was indispensable?

  12. Andy on

    Remove link to PayPal from ebay account
    Remove you credit card from your PayPal account.
    Change Paypal email to throw away address
    Create new paypal account with your proper email address and confirm
    Add back in your credit card
    Link your ebay account to this “new” paypal account
    Repeat as necessary

  13. Henry Lunsford on

    The extortionate and coercive corporate thugs at PayPal tried to do the same thing to me. I banned them from doing business with account 21oct1805henry and immediately closed both my Ebay and PayPal accounts. I think there’s room for an honest and forthright company to move in and take their place. Down with Ebay/Paypal forever! Let them rot in bully hell!

  14. Brian on

    Verified? 10k in purchase history isn’t enough? Just continue to shop on Ebay but ask suppliers if they will take another form of payment. I suspect they are tired of paying Visa or whatever other card we registered with. They make enough money off us. We may not be a factor by ourselves but as a group, that’s a lot of 10,000 accounts.It wont be as easy but I am just going to start shopping where they will take my Visa.

  15. Jim on

    PayPal is a joke….same thing here…aftre years of faithful use they want SSN and DOB. THey advised it was because folks selling 20K or 200 items will require a 1099K from the FEDS…that is BS. For most folks eBay is just an online garage sale for them…selling old items to bring in a little money for the family instead of giving it away on a Saturday garage sale. I don’t recall signing anything with PayPal when I first started that I would have to give my personal information (SSN, DOB, copy of drivers license) to keep using their service. This is another example of Big Brother trying to keep the general public down and under their control. PayPal is not a bank and is not FDIC so WTF….I am closing my account and will find a different way of buying/selling.

  16. Angry Pay Pal Patron on

    If Pay Pal is going to continue with this Account Verification demand then , as I have already communicated to them, Iwill no longer purchase through EBay. This sounds a whole lot like money laundering with them putting funds in your personal checking/savings account. And that basically if you don’t go a long with it you can’t make a purchase on ebay. Soooo, guess I will stop making purchases on EBay and the sellers therein should take Pay Pal to court for enforcing this change!

  17. Joe on

    I just tried to purchase an item on ebay and paypal refused payment because I hit a 10000 dollar total on my credit card so they tried to force me to enter my personal bank ID and password!
    Really how secure is that?
    I will never use paypal again and that seems to mean I can no longer use ebay. Seeing as I am a data security analyst I can tell everyone on this site that paypal can not secure information.
    I just cant believe paypal are forcing people to provide private details; amazing abuse.

  18. Disappointed with Pay Pal and Ebay on

    Pay Pal is owned by Ebay. I recently received a message that my “sending limit” has been reached. They will no longer process my payments unless I provide my bank account information and or my social security number. I am sorry. This is not acceptable!!! I will work out payment directly with the seller because I received this message during a transaction. In the future, I will choose NOT to purchase through EBay and use Pay Pal until they withdraw their request for personal and confidential information!!! I urge all buyers to do the same thing. This is not acceptable!!

  19. sj on

    I was asked to verify my existence by giving them ID, utility bill and SSN. Until then I would not be able to add money to my account. Curiously the MoneyPak option was still available. The information on the website said it was because of a Patriot Act regulation from August 2012. The Patriot Act was enacted in 2001. I had this account for a very long time. It’s really late to comply with a Patriot Act regulation. Called customer service. The rep claimed it was because of money laundering and has been a requirement for a long time. So why claim on the website it was August 2012. Now try and verify it almost a year later on an account that’s been around for years. To make matters worse, the customer service rep thought I only needed to upload the information. No such link. He even had all the info on file and didn’t believe me that MoneyPak was still an option to add money. Well, the link worked and it took me to the MoneyPak site to enter the MoneyPak card info. I wasn’t about to spend the five bucks to try it though. And all this happens when I want to pay a bigger bill me later bill? Something just doesn’t add up. Curiously, when I wondered out loud about the relationship between Paypal and MoneyPak, the rep was suddenly willing to verify my information and lift the limitation. Yeah, now I believe yea there ain’t anything strange going on there……

  20. Clare on

    We had a problem getting our money out of our work paypal account because we had gone over the limit. After having to ‘verify’ our account with passports, water bills, driver’s licences, etc. and about 9 weeks of crap from them we called the ombudsman who put us onto the terrorism division of the federal police. They intervened and we got our money back with a week and closed the account.

  21. Robert Hunter on

    I agree with this Paypal scam to get us to use their credit card. I’ve been a reliable buyer with excellent feedback on E-bay and then I get a notice PayPal will not pay for an item until I become verified. Something about I reached my $2000 limit as an unverified buyer. Well I’ve spent way way more than $2000 using Paypal and now all of a sudden I have to be verified for security reasons.

  22. Charles Stephens on

    I loaded 85$ on a PayPal Money card, PayPal wants my debit card or bank account number. NO! I will transfer the current balance from PayPal to my bank account and Cease dealing with PayPal. As to the $ card I will use it to purchase something at a store and maybe I can get the balance cashed out.

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