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admin : Friday, February 20, 2015, 14:03

PayPal is far from a Trusted Site

Many have served this country and know honor & respect ,know the difference of a scam or being scammed, we put our lives on the line for this United states for freedom ,justice, truth but I can tell you “PAYPAL ” does not live up to fair and good standing .trusted site ? this American’s White ass you can trust them .postal service never informed me as to why they would let a guy get away with stealing from a 2 x soldier who insured item as well .paypal pays this SOB on top of it .a buyer they protect. who scammed me.. spent 14 years on that site filling there flippen pockets.. but they couldn’t get enough ..see they tried to take my pride !!! but only one thing happened & I got back up back up for what I know is right ..paypal you cant, ebay cant win.. your loser’s you not in the same standing as most of US. So I can tell you to get BENT ! & i can only wish when i put my trust in you ..that i really could trust and believe you would watch my back ,especially with all my financial information ..i gave you my trust to watch my back.. get it ?


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