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: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 14:18

PayPal took my money

Ebay sale gone bad!! Seller screwed by buyer and Paypal!!
Buyer Puchases item on ebay. Then opens case Item not received on the same day as they collected item! I was a given refund after tracking info was provided and PayPal could see item delivered. (took 7 days to refund and 2 phone calls) When i thought it was all over , the circus began!!
18 days after receiving item buyer escalated new claim again changing status to “NOT AS DESCRIBED” .PayPal authorized return for buyer after a dozens of phone calls by me to plead my case was ignored.PayPal Authorized buyer to send back purchased item. Buyer provided tracking info. I then collected A5 postage sachet from post office had mystery Address on back from different state from seller. Envelope I received was empty! Tracking number on satchel matched number given by buyer..I then realized that buyer sent back an EMPTY envelope (instead of the King size mattress topper approx. weight 35 pounds).I then noticed the postage stamp on envelope had buyers suburb and a signature on the bottom resembling buyer. As soon as i recieved the empty envelope i proved i had received item back from seller!! Yeh sure!! I rang PayPal spoke to Rep who in explaining what steps I had to take, and to provide evidence of the events above. told to take photos etc. I then provided photos of the envelope received, A picture of the envelope with the king size mattress topper the same as the buyer has in their possession to show size difference. A close up of the envelope showing the postage stamp, registered post tracking reference and signature of buyer. I have also provided a picture of the back of the envelope, where the buyer changed her senders address so the parcel couldn’t not be identified being sent by her! All photos and summary sent, PayPal said not enough evidence!!! WTF. I had to file police report. Police report then filled out and sent, PayPal claimed didnt get it time of claim. after i rang to see if they got it!!! I lost case topper and money!! I have rang PayPal over 20 times and sent information with times required. Paypal then offered my 50% refund!
This is a criminal act of FRAUD. I which I have lodged with local Police. This incident has wasted hours of my time, (in excess of 40+hrs of phone calls and emails) Its affected my business reputation (negative feedback and lies on the feedback forum) and has been very upsetting to me personally that a person has calculated these events in an attempt to gain financial benefit through deception.
Is Paypal too big to beat??? Should I give up suggestions please? I will proceed with Fraud case with buyer but it PayPal who took my money!! what should i do?? Help??

Submitted By:: Keith

Location-: N.S.W Australia

One thought on “PayPal took my money
  1. Rosie on

    All the evidence in the world and pay pal still favors thieves!!! I gave up on them a long time ago! PAY PAL SUCKS!!

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