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admin : Thursday, June 12, 2014, 14:09

PayPal told me to get a lawyer or call the cops because they are NOT reopening dispute

Paypal sides with the buyer and refunded a buyer who clearly scammed me out of $30,000.00 worth of white diamonds gia certified which i gave a buyer a great price for under 1300.00 for everything and the buyer scammed me and paypal because paypal gave them their refund after not telling me that there was a dispute against me but they’ve been talking to me every single day being rude and disrespectful and refused to re open the case and told me to get a lawyer and call the cops because we’re not reopening your dispute.
However the buyer never sends my items back,i emailed the buyer and called but he will not send me my things,and paypal doesn’t care period. although they weren’t suppose to give a refund until they made sure that i at lease had my items. Since they said get a lawyer,can someone please help me please because this is urgent and i may be homeless before you know it.they destroyed my business which has a great impact on my life.I need a attorney to help me please.


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