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admin : Saturday, July 24, 2010, 12:43

PayPal Takes Money From Bank Account Without Authorization

3 weeks ago Paypal took £73.04 from my bank account, unauthorised. I complained to Paypal and a couple of days later received an email from the Resolution Team saying they had investigated my complaint and confirmed they should not have taken the money from my account. They refunded the money direct into my bank account within 24 hours.

This past week I received another email from Paypal informing me I had an amount of £73.04 outstanding on my account and action was required. I then received another email informing me my account had been suspended. I went to do my food shopping on Friday and discovered I did not have enough money in my bank account. When I arrived home I looked at my bank account on-line and found the bank was holding funds ready to pay out. My calculations confirmed £73.04 was about to be taken from my account.

I contacted Paypal by email and received an reply informing me I should telephone them and it would cost me £1.50 per minute. I again emailed and explained that previously this query had been sorted out by email and I did not want to make an expensive phone call. I received an email back informing me they could not deal with my complaint other than by phone and wished me luck in settling the matter. I have now managed to get on the Resolution email site for Paypal and have sent them my complaint.

How can they refund this money agreeing I did not owe this amount and then take it again 3 weeks later. Needless to say because I was not expecting this amount to be deducted it has left my bank account short and I may incur bank charges this coming week. I have tried to delete my bank details from Paypal but have not succeeded as yet.

Submitted By BAW

One thought on “PayPal Takes Money From Bank Account Without Authorization
  1. Spitt on

    Possibly your account was negative for the amount, and you needed to get your account even. What you should be checking for, is what was paid for, that cost that many pounds in the first place. See if someone accessed your account, and made a payment for that amount. If so, then you would need to dispute the charge – and change your password.

    There is a chance, that you signed up for a subscription to something without knowing it would be a recurring subscription. The first payment might have been minuscule, like £1, and then have a recurring payment of a higher amount. So search the email address you paid to.
    Also contact that particular vendor, ask them for a refund.

    If that doesn’t work, contact the bank, tell them the charges were unauthorized, and get your bank to handle it – then close the paypal account.

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