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: Thursday, July 7, 2011, 16:13

PayPal account closed because PayPal system would not refund

We are a successful online store Martial Arts Store. We were selling items happily in the UK to UK customers. Problems with one of our suppliers resulted in a few delays. I passed information on to buyers about this and they could wait choose something else or have refund. Obviously some people choose a refund plus we also conform to the distance selling regulation.

Our employee’s couldn’t  refund the customers via’ our Paypal account, they received an error message saying they couldn’t do it at this time. There was funds in the bank but it never ever got to that stage it just didn’t go through . Customers started getting angry and raising disputes because we couldn’t refund them because of the paypal error. Eventually paypal limited the account requesting detailed information about our business, customers and suppliers. We argued this is a breach of the data protection act but they didn’t care.

Eventually we gave in and tried to send the documents in and got yet another error. We phoned and phoned to no avail . No one at paypal cared until one person finally gave in and gave us a code and number to fax to . Supplied Paypal with all the necessary documents only because they had a largeish sum of money (that coincidentally they decided to limit our account as we went to withdraw it).

We got an email saying they’d received all our documents and thanks for jumping through hoops but they were going to now completely shut down our account and keep our funds. There was no reason why, we are a legit business with legit suppliers, customers and contacts. If we remembered to log in 180 days they would maybe then give us a refund . Of course paypal wants to do this, as they are making all the interest of it .

We are going to another company now thats actually cheaper to use and sell our martial arts equipment . We really want to spread the word of how shoddy paypal is .

Submitted By:: Livingston Martial Arts

Location: Scotland


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