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admin : Monday, January 25, 2010, 14:29

PayPal Suspends WikiLeaks Account

Wikileaks is a website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents, while attempting to preserve the anonymity and untraceability of its contributors. Within one year of its December 2006 launch, its database had grown to more than 1.2 million documents, leading to many front-page newspaper articles and political reforms.

Wikileaks is  a non-profit organization of journalists and numerous other professionals, and is funded solely by donations.  Unfortunately for them, they choose to use PayPal to receive these donations, and for a second time have had their PayPal account frozen for “no apparent reason”.  The first time the organization had it’s assets  suspended by PayPal it took a half year to get the issue resolved.  Each time this has happened WikiLeaks has been forced to stop operating.

If PayPal can do this to such a highly respected organization backed by foundations and investigative journalists, how is it they can escape legal repercussion for their actions?

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