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: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 10:01

Paypal suspended my account for six months

I had only sold a few of my own designer jewelry without any problems with the buyers but when i wanted to take the money out of my paypal account they limited it. Then paypal suspended my account for six months only giving me the reason that it seemed high risk, which was all they would say. I told them i was selling my own jewelry to raise money for my sons wedding but I am not going to be able to get that get that money until after the wedding which defeats the whole purpose. I don’t understand how I can be high risk?! I provided them with all receipts and proof of registered mail, but paypal would not respond to me. I feel robbed by them and very angry I can’t even get any decent answers from Payapal

Submitted By:: K. Summers

Location-: Arlington, VA

2 thoughts on “Paypal suspended my account for six months
  1. Kiana on

    This is how they operate. It doesn’t matter what the situtation is or even an explination will not change their decision. THey do as they please and could care less who gets screwed along the way. I would suggest you go with merchantinc. Their application process is simple and they have guidelines they have to follow unlike paypal. The great thing with them is you can cancel at any time with no fees. their website is

  2. Sienna on

    This is how paypal treats all their users so don’ feel like they singled you out. You are not any more high risk then everyone else using paypal. They just want to earn some interest on your money and that is why paypal limited your account and said you can have your funds back in 6 months. Paypal does this all the time and can get away with it because they are not federally regulated.

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