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: Friday, January 20, 2012, 21:46

PayPal supports scammers

I have used PayPal for many years and haven’t had an issue until recently. I ordered a pair of boots from a website. I had done my research however once the order was placed and I received a confirmation email with a differant email address, when I googled that email address it came back as a scam. And when the package was delivered, it wasn’t a pair of boots, it was a reusable shopping bag. I right away filed a complaint with PayPal (in November). They contacted the seller, gave me an address in China to send the package back to. I did everything that I was instructed to do, uploaded plenty of evidence and yesterday, they closed my case because they couldn’t confirm delivery. Of course they couldn’t confirm delivery because the seller wouldn’t except the package. For me, i’m only out around $37.00 bucks but to have them take all the evidence and close the case is crap and shows that they support the scammers out there. And the sad thing is, pleny of people have been scammed by this same website and PayPal is still processing their payments.

Submitted By:: G Radford

Location-: Orlando, FL

One thought on “PayPal supports scammers
  1. boxermom on

    Paypal support counterfeiting, fraud, scammers!!!
    Purchased a laser engraver represented as located in and shipping from US. Received a tracking number from China. Item arrived, clearly counterfeit with bootleg software and photocopied manual. No manufacturers mark anywhere. Paypal told me to return it for a refund – but i had to return it to China which would cost about $400 according to the post office due to size/weight of the item, which is HALF the purchase price. BS!! Paypal won’t do anything further and is supporting global counterfeit from China.
    Escalated to management – manager AMY WRIGHT refused to return my calls. “Executive escalations” department won’t reply to me – says they resolved it in accordance with their user agreement. Will not consider any supporting evidence or documentation I have, where seller is trying to get me to ship the item to another unsuspecting customer, and agreeing to refund only if negative feedback is removed.

    We need to start a class action against this horrible company!

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