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: Friday, April 13, 2012, 3:56

PayPal supported attempted fraud on my account

It was just luck that I spotted an attempted withdrawal of £968 from my bank account. The bank stopped the payment immediately as it was not authorised by me. I contacted PayPal and they ‘investigated’ and said that the payment should be made!! They left the illegal payment as owing on my PayPal account. I reported it to the police, and the credit agencies. It took nearly two months after I sent all the information to PayPal in Omaha (isn’t that where Warren Buffet has his HQ?), I got no response in writing from them, but the amount lodged against the account just vanished. I wouldn’t have any further dealings with PayPal – they are crooks who support criminal activity. I would urge everyone to tell thjeir friends – Don’t trust PayPal!

Submitted By:: Mary Jane

Location-: UK


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