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: Saturday, July 9, 2011, 9:51

PayPal Sucks

How does paypal get away with holding money they aren’t entitled to? It’s bad enough that by the time we pay ebay and paypal their “fees” we end up with nothing. They then hold our money that we are entitled to and expect us to ship our packages out using our own money.

They are holding my account now, and stole the money from my last sale by claiming they didn’t get their ebay fees from the last month- yet my bank records show a withdrawl. In addition, I have a negative balance that can’t be explained because they got the money. I should have a small balance.

In the meantime, I have 3 packages to ship from eBay purchases, but can’t access my funds to cover the shipping. I don’t sell on ebay to have my money on hold and inaccessible, and it is ridiculous that  I have to use my own money to ship these items; especially having no idea when I will actually be allowed to access my own money.

I had tried to transfer my PayPal balance to my bank account, but PayPal somehow stopped the transfer- and they actually expect me to ship these items with no means to pay for the postage.

I refuse to be putty in Paypal’s hands, and these buyers will not get their packages because I can’t access my own money. What’s worse is that one buyer has a claim open for non-receipt, and PayPal is actually the one preventing them from receiving the shipment.

If I don’t get paid for the product, why should I send out free merchandise? Ebay and PayPal both apparently expect their customers to bow down to them. I was simply trying to get rid of some old items that I don’t need and am primarily a buyer, not a seller. I have practically given my items away because of their enormous fees. I certainly am not going to do this any more, and lose my pidly sale money because they want to put it on hold for some indefinite amount of time.

Sellers have no rights with ebay or Paypal, “buyer protection” without “seller protection” equates to no protection for anybody.  A buyer can say anything and get their money back, even if they receive the merchandise. No seller should have to risk not getting paid and being subject to refunding money as a result of Paypal’s antics.

I got NO WARNING OR MESSAGE about any negative balance and I also got NO indication of any overdraw they are claiming occurred which didn’t because I have evidence that they were paid. They screw people over to sit on money for interest, and it is TOTAL CRAP. I would join any class action against paypal. I now will lose my ebay account over this and I simply don’t care anymore. When they do this to sellers, they lose money. They also lose buyers. They are totally wrong. PLEASE SUE THESE PEOPLE SOMEONE.

Submitted By:: aLEXANDRA

Location: Sterling, VA


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