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admin : Friday, October 11, 2013, 13:17

Paypal stole money out of my bank account!!!

I’ve long loved Paypal, and have had no problems with them until earlier this year. Primarily, I’ve used them to pay for purchases on Ebay and other sites. Last March, I had my first problem when an unauthorized transaction popped up. I had purchased from this vendor before, but the transaction in question was never made by me. Paypal reversed the transaction and had me establish a new password. They felt it was my fault, that I had revealed my password to someone.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have no smart phone, or Facebook page, or Twitter account. When I make purchases, it is in the comfort of my home office with a secure home network.

Anyway, since they reversed the transaction, I never was motivated to search for other unhappy Paypal users. Until now. A week ago, my bank account showed a Paypal transaction that I didn’t recognize. When I checked my Paypal account, there was no matching transaction. When I inquired with Paypal, I got a series of “run around” emails that said nothing but provided many links about secure passwords. Essentially, Paypal dipped into my account and took funds in a transaction that never showed up on my Paypal account. They stole the money and didn’t even bother to try and dummy it up with an “incorrect” transaction.

I finally googled “Paypal complaints” and was shocked at what I found on this site. Today, I met with my bank, explained all, and they agreed that since Paypal had my actual bank information (not just the debit card number), I needed to establish a completely new account to safely disengage from Paypal.

I’m very disillusioned…


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