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: Saturday, May 26, 2012, 17:04

Paypal stole $111.00 in my customer’s transactions

As you probably know, I have been a business owner for 10 years, and receiving orders through this website for 2 years using Paypal. The last 4 months, I have never seen such a lax attitude by paypal to investigate theft.

This statement is in response to paypal not investigating theft occurring from my customers bank accounts. Starting in July customers ordered products through my website, money was deducted from their bank accounts and no money was received into my account. What ended up happening is customers are bitching at me and not at paypals responsibility to investigate the missing funds. All last names have been withheld for privacy.

Starting with Mr. Herman K I received an order for one bottle of my Industrial Strength Natural Air Freshener. After sending an e-mail to paypal asking why no money was received in my account, they stated that we can find no transaction of this occurring. Thinking it was a spoof e-mail, I dismissed it. Than again on August 24th, I received another e-mail from paypal stating 1 two oz bottle of Scotts Hawaiian Multipurpose First Aid Liquid. Once again I contacted paypal about this transaction, and they gave me the same reply. No transaction of this occurred.

Anyway, Ms. Claudian Y. started calling me by phone about this transaction. I thought hmmm, if this was a spoof e-mail order, surely the person would not confront the issue. So I asked her to contact paypal, and once again, paypal said it was a clerical error.

Than Ms. Charlene M contacted me about 1 Gallon of Scotts Hawaiian 4 in 1 Multipurpose Spray. She was told by paypal that my account was unverified. If this is true, how come I have been receiving hundreds of dollars in transactions over the past year through this account.

What has happened is sometime during July, my paypal account stopped receiving funds from my customers. By October I finally removed all paypal buttons from my account and replaced them with Google checkout buttons. I suspect that somewhere in paypals system, the code has been hacked, re-directing the funds into another bank account. Shame I had to figure this out, and not paypal.

Paypal refuses to investigate my customers missing funds, and in part, has hurt the reputation of my business. But most of all the major disservice paypal has done was to loose trust in their customers. Trust that for many years worked for my business, has now had to be removed due to their failure to investigate this theft .

In doing so, I hereby find it no surprise that the current Occupy Wall Street Campaign that is so far (as of October 4th) starting to spread to cities across the U.S.A. comes as no surprise as a corporation as large as Paypal has been a total failure to address this issue over the past 4 months.

This is just one example that the corporate system is clearly serving itself, rather than the needs of its customers and not maintaining fair business practice across its spectrum of operations.

Transactions and amounts are below (last names withheld for personal privacy reasons):

Herman K____ – Jul 13, 2011 19:19:17 – One 8oz bottle of Mightyz Industrial Strength Natural Air PDT Transaction ID: 2TE66736P7326610P Payment $17.00 USD

Claudian y Aug 24, 2011 03:52:49 PDT – One 2oz Bottle of Hawaiian Multipurpose First Aid Liquid PDT Transaction ID: 77211920ME076401M Payment$32.00 USD

Charlene ___ – Oct 1, 2011 16:03:41 – One Gallon of Scott’s Hawaiian 4 in 1 Multipupose Spray PDT Transaction ID: 0U353577C3601832A Payment $62.00 USD

Total Outstanding Charges: $111.00 has been stolen from my customers and has not been deposited into my account so I can ship their items. Clearly this money is going somewhere, but yet, Paypal refuses to investigate this matter.

I did the right thing, I contacted paypal, my customers and in the end fired paypal from my website, and most of all am informing all future customers by publishing this incident for all future customers of mine to read and judge for themselves paypals irresponsibility….

I’m one for giving business their freedom, however when you get so big, and start ignoring misuse of trust such as this, surely some sort of oversight is necessary. Paypal boasts 91 million customers. All this power with no independant commission overseeing such a large number of daily transactions? or investigating disuptes? What has happend here?

Submitted By:: Scott Ravens

Location-: Malibu, California, USA

2 thoughts on “Paypal stole $111.00 in my customer’s transactions
  1. Sal on

    Paypal doesnt care that they lost trust of a customer. the only thing they care about is making their pockets bigger. and by screwing everyone in thier path this is how they achieve this. This is why I stopped using paypal some time ago. I wasnt screwed by them but I read about all the people whop were and decided to run before it happened to me

  2. Barney Blue on

    talk about problems! They just dont care. Wether you’veworked with them for 10 minutes or 10 years, your just a number to them. They have gotten so out of hand that they can do this to their customers and not feel the impact of a backlash like users leaving them. It’s bad.

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