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: Monday, June 10, 2013, 14:38

Paypal standing in the way of my client paying me.

I issued an invoice to a client wishing to pay a property rental deposit. The client paid by credit card and then PayPal froze the funds saying “this transaction may not have been carried out with the account holders permission” (or words to that effect). I wanted the money, the client wanted to pay the money, so who elses permission did they need? I never got an answer!! (and neither did the client who was also telling PayPal that he wanted to pay me the money). After freezing the funds for a about 3 weeks they sent the money back to the clients credit card, despite the fact that the client had received a card statement in the meantime and paid off the amount owing!!
After MANY emails backward and forwards PayPal just said it was an illegal card transaction and refused to comment further!!

Submitted By:: Chris

Location-: Orlando


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