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: Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 10:12

Paypal spy’s on your credit card purchases and banking

I am a US citizen, born here, and have only left the country once for a weekend in Canada 10 years ago. I am newbie to Paypal and thought they were legit; only to find out they can unilaterally freeze your account, invade your credit card, bank account and privacy, as well as your Equifax credit information.

All of this, according to “Rick” in their customer service department, is their right via the Patriot Act. His statement was “they can monitor your activity like any bank ” ( although we have never had such a privacy invasion from a bank in the 52 years we have lived here since birth ! ) And his rude attitude clearly demonstrates a company out of control.

Please do not fall victim to these people by using Paypal or Ebay, as you have to give up your identity to them and they are obviously distributing their account holders private information.

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